Commissioned installation:

Joel Ong: “In Silence…” (2022)

Screen-Based Works

S4RA: “” (2021)

Becky Brown: “Would you like to hear how we met? It’s a funny story” (2021)

Xtine Burrough: “Women’s Work is (Screen) Saved” (2022)

Chanee Choi: “Darkness” (2021)

Monica Duncan and Senem Pirler: “Surface Connection” (2020)

Mark Franz: “What is Design?” (2022)

Mark Gustavson and Chris Myhr: “In-Between” (2020)

Amanda Hodes: “A Stream of Data Scrapes the Earth and Casts Me Through” (2021)

Michael Hoffman: “Estuas” (2022)

Jason Isolini: “The Terminal Human Shaped Whole” (2021)

Sujin Kim: “Unforgotten” (2021)

Shona Kitchen and Aly Ogasian: “Made Ground 01″(2021) and “Another Final Frontier” (2021)

Christine Lucy Latimer: “Tender” (2021)

Ray LC: “Home Alone” (2021)

Daniel Lichtman: “The Raisin Truck Makes Raisins” (2022)

Cari Ann Shim Sham: “Pandemic Statements” (2021)

Timothy Thomasson: “I’m Feeling Lucky” (2022)

Mona Kasra and Matthew Burtner: “Dwelling in the Enfolding” (2021)

Anabela Costa: “Conversation” (2021)

Installations and 3D work

Gabrielle Cerberville: “Fungal Chapel” (2021-2022)

Katerie Gladdys: “Seed Cabinet” (2018-present)

Amanda Hodes: “Take Care” (2022)

James Lee: “The Reminiscence 2022 – The Monologues of Being Seen” (2022)

Nimrod Astarhan: “Between the Poles #2” (2022)

Denise Pelletier: “trans.con.figurations” (2021-2022)

Andrea Wollensak: “Water Stories: Collective Voices” (2022)

Andrea Wollensak: “Water Stories: Visual Poetics” (2022)

Peter Burr: “DIRTSCRAPER” (2022)


Kathleen McDermott and Monica Duncan: “How it Slips” (2022)

Morgan Green: “Who Paints” (2022)