Fungal Chapel

Gabrielle Cerberville


Dimensions Variable

Installation: fungus, sculptures, natural materials, steel, water, microphones, speakers, loop pedal.

“Fungal Chapel” is an interactive outdoor installation work exploring the ties between people and place through the deconstructed visual language of Judeo-Christian religious iconography. Comprising four sculptures; OFFERTORY, BAPTISMAL, BELFRY, and ALTAR, visitors are encouraged to interact on multiple levels of physical touch and consciousness, including pouring water, self-expression through writing, interacting with sonified fungal biodata, meditation, and the offering and receiving of gifts. Most of the objects in the chapel are “sounding sculptures” hooked up to contact microphones with added effects, and can be manipulated to produce a variety of musical sounds. Through the process of semi-guided ritual as an individual moves through the space, visitors are given space to reflect, to participate in reciprocity, and to experience kinship with their environment.