The Terminal Human Shaped Whole

Jason Isolini


11:32 minutes

Equirectangular single channel video projection

“The Terminal: Human Shaped Hole” questions the ramifications of the great job churn, asking how society will be restructured and what the psychological ramifications will be. Whilst AI technologies usher in increased productivity, they do so by decimating stable employment, a golden era is accompanied by deep dissatisfaction. How do we live alongside the machines that make us obsolete? What will it mean to engage with Alexa when she is a symbol of a better future you don’t fit into?”

Artistic contributions include assets, video, and performance from Bob Bicknell-Knight, Ian Bruner, Joshua Citarella, Jessica Evans, James Irwin, Claire Jervert, Kakia Konstantinaki, Angeline Meitzler, Erin Mitchell and Neale Willis. Additional support from Off Site Project.